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The Telos 2500 received the Stereo Sound Grand Prix Award in 2006, and then went on to upgrade Telos 2500+ to become the best and strongest single-sequence, but the new generation Telos 2500 NextGen new generation performance and sound performance Upstairs. The power circuit uses the same Goldmund 6209H as the new Telos 5500 NextGen new generation, equipped with the new 80000 micro farad power supply circuit, and the power performance is stronger without fear of any low-impedance speakers.

The prestigious preamplifier Mimesis 22H, with its long-standing reputation, has been upgraded again, adding the latest NextGen new generation of amplification technology to perfectly match Goldmund’s current Telos 1000 NextGen and Telos 2500 NextGen new generation mono amplifiers. Compared to the previous version with an enclosure size of 11cm, the Mimesis 22H NextGen new generation preamplifier uses a 14cm enclosure for power supply. The extra metal weight and ventilation design greatly increase the heat dissipation and stability of the circuit.

As the Prime Power's flagship power cord for Jorma's top power cord, this is a power cord with a degree of balance. His voice is not biased at all. His role is to completely give your equipment a 100-point potential while giving the sound an absolute sense of simulation. Jorma Prime listens carefully, especially in comparison with other wire materials, and it is not difficult to distinguish the "European characteristics" from his body. It will not be direct and open, but with introverted and refined pursuits. In the audience, this is a distinct European feature. Jorma is more balanced than other cables at both ends of the high and low frequencies.



 5  /  12  /  2017


 5  /  12  /  2017

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