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The word Orpheus used to be the son of Apollo, the music of the Greek mythology, and the great son of the god Apollo. He is good at playing the harp and even the piano of music. Therefore, the Orpheus brand is also known as “Tianqin” in China, and its playing sound can move everything. Orpheus originally belonged to Anagram Technologies of Switzerland. The owner, Florian Cossy, once worked as a password cracking scientist at the Swiss Ministry of Defence. He even discussed digital filter calculations with Mike Storey, the designer of dCS, a well-known British digital equipment manufacturer. Mr. Florian Cossy and other scholars used Anagram Technologies. Digital expert Thierry Heeb (having four patents in the fields of digital sampling, digital power amplification and digital synchronization) was founded. Its excellent and accurate sound reproduction has become the sound and beauty of the audio circle.

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