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The owner of Belgian Ventures is an ethnic Chinese man named Njoo Hoo Kong (Yang Heguang). People in the circles call it DiDi. The brand's products are mainly speakers, supplemented by the amplifier.

Venture launched the latest Grand Excellence III this year. DiDi said that the third-generation specifications are completely different from previous generations. The earliest first-generation Grand Excellence had two versions of the standard version and the diamond treble version. The standard version uses Venture's exclusive Ceramic Graphite ceramic tuners, which can achieve frequencies up to 35kHz and diamond treble versions up to 100kHz. DiDi said that Venture is the first to use diamond treble manufacturers, but also led many industry followers, but after a period of time he found that diamond treble is not the ideal treble he wanted. His design concept for speakers is “fast”, and the unit must meet the requirements of fast speed and quick response, because only the speed can make the sound have the best dynamic performance, and then turn into a living sensation like a live, diamond treble. Although physical properties are good, it is difficult to achieve extremely fast speeds because of its heavy weight.The Grand Excellence III is a three-tone design that uses an AMT pneumatic treble, a VT-7 Pro 7-inch graphite hybrid midi and four VT-7 woofers. The VT series is Venture's exclusive new unit model, and AMT's pneumatic treble is DiDi's most ideal treble at the moment. The author also asked DiDi if he must pursue the effect of speed, why not use aluminum belt treble. DiDi said that he almost tried all the trebles on the market, and the aluminum band treble was naturally included. The response speed of the aluminum band treble is of course nothing to say, but the problem with the aluminum band tweeter is that the quality of the diaphragm is generally high. Too light and too thin, driving the lack of air, so that the treble lack of energy. The AMT pneumatic treble developed by Dr. Haier's technology is just the right choice for both speed and stiffness.

In addition to the outstanding performance in the area of ​​speaker production, Venture has also made significant achievements in the field of power amplifier production. DiDi said that all of Venture's products are designed by him. You don't forget his own technical background. He first obtained a double degree in electronics and mechanical engineering in Germany in the early years, and later got a Ph.D. in physics from JWG Frankfurt University. It can be said that he is proficient in the three fields of electronics, mechanics and physics. The professional knowledge, this background makes him equally familiar when designing the power amplifier, so as to design a Venture amplifier that can drive the Venture speaker more perfect. DiDi said that before he had been very passionate about tube power amplifiers, he once introduced products using the 300B. Although the tube amplifier is very full of charm, there is also a problem that it is difficult to meet the needs of large dynamics and high output power. So this time Venture introduced a pure transistor VP 100 Reference preamp and V100A Reference post. Although it is a pure transistor product, DiDi emphasizes that people who listened to say that these two devices do not have any harsh digital taste, but instead have a taste of a few tube amplifiers.


In terms of wire, Venture introduced the latest Blue Performance series. DiDi said he personally values ​​the importance of wire bandwidth. Venture's conductor material is basically dominated by copper and silver, but he believes that the conductor of the wire is still next, and more importantly, the structure. Blue Conductor technology uses microwave conductor technology to increase the bandwidth of the wire and deliver more information. The use of aviation-grade Teflon for insulating materials, coupled with multi-layer shielding technology, has made it even more outstanding. The author proposed that the performance of the Blue Performance series of wire rods is good, but the appearance needs further improvement. DiDi said that he also received a lot of similar responses, but the design of Blue Performance is entirely from the perspective of how to make a good voice, if simple Adding some unnecessary decorations for aesthetic reasons will have a negative impact on the sound quality. The two evils will be lighter, so please let the majority of enthusiasts listen.

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