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"FN Audio" access to Goldmund NextGen series amplifier products in China

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

"Fung Ning Audio" access Goldmund NextGen series amplifier products in China (including Hong Kong and Macao regions) distributor, Goldmund launched a new generation NextGen series amplifier products, the new product represents the amplifier and amplifier design before the new milestone in the Goldmund Nearly 40 years of research and development accumulated the essence of further play to most vividly. Name the continuation of the traditional "Telos" and "Mimesis" with the original serial number, but append the "NextGen" name to clearly separate the next generation of products. Telos 5500 NextGen, Telos 2500 NextGen, Telos 1000 NextGen, Telos 590 NextGen, and Mimesis 22 NextGen are Goldmund's newest and most sophisticated ultra-high-end analog products that will capture the hearts of top enthusiasts.

NextGen series amplifier products

NextGen Series amplifiers deliver superior performance, with products tested in-house in Goldmund for maximum long-term reliability. Without doubt as to whether their acoustics are superior to the previous generation, the answer is in the affirmative and far beyond expectations.


Everything from the new Telos 5500 NextGen, it was designed to go beyond Goldmund's most powerful amplifier: the world-renowned and classic Telos 5000. The new design incorporates many technological enhancements and upgrades such as the new power supply, making it the most powerful amplifier in the history of Goldmund. The input line is also newly designed to include analog (RCA + XLR) and digital (RCA) standard inputs. Input lines have also been enhanced to enhance, can be silent switch, while changing the input and volume, still can ensure the overall stability. The fuselage security protection design is also greatly enhanced and enhanced, even in the machine under the ultimate powerful power output, still able to properly protect the precious body.

Telos 2500 NextGen and Telos 1000 NextGen

The Telos 2500 NextGen and Telos 1000 NextGen power amplification circuits are designed from the Telos 5500 NextGen and come from the circuit board used by Apollo Anniversary Goldmund's most powerful loudspeaker: today's prestigious Goldmund 6209H.



Both amplifiers have more advanced digital input circuit design and better thermal grounding (Thermal Grounding), including Telos 2500 NextGen equipped with a new 80,000 micro-Farah power supply unit, the power is relatively improved.

Telos NextGen all series are built in the latest generation of management software in the processor chip (MCU), easy to upgrade. Remote control of power options (on / off / standby) via RS232 port control, connection to the Crestron House automation system or other remote control systems such as the Goldmund iPad / iPhone remote control, plus gain options for more sophisticated Setting.


Telos 1000 NextGen

The Telos 1000 NextGen and Telos 2500 NextGen are equipped with a new front control panel that monitors the amplifier's technical capabilities and provides safer wiring.

In addition, the mechanical grounding of the Telos 2500 NextGen takes it to the next level, with the fourth gold-plated copper frame in the interior that complements the shock-proof pins of the gilded copper frame, making the stability of the internal structure even more amazing. With so many new features, Look forward to its performance.

Telos 590 NextGen new combined amplifier

Telos 590 NextGen

The Telos 590 NextGen combines power amps up to 2x300 watts (8 ohms) with eight inputs including five analog and one for digital, optical and USB inputs.

The Telos 590 NextGen uses the same power amplifier line as other NextGen products, but with more power and power than the previous Telos 390.5. The same with a substantial improvement in mechanical grounding structure, and a large bilateral cooling fins to ensure that the best temperature control. Panel inherits the bevel Telos 2500 design, magnificent atmosphere.

Mimesis 22H NextGen preamplifier


Mimesis 22H NextGen

For the preamp, the Mimesis 22H NextGen is the perfect fit for the new mono amplifier. The Mimesis 22H NextGen preamplifier and power supply enclosures use 14 cm high enclosures compared to the previous 11 cm housing dimensions of the Mimesis 22H version. Additional metal weight and ventilation significantly increase line temperature stability, This is especially important when using this high temperature equipment in hot areas. In addition, the power supply unit can power a second set of equipment (such as a new version of the phono preamplifier PH3.8 or DAC), to eliminate noise better. Of course, these new products are dependent on the R & D team carefully crafted, so that so many products are unrivaled performance. To ensure that customer expectations are fully met, Goldmund strictly controls the sales path and installation practices for the NextGen product line, which is currently licensed exclusively to a single Goldmund reseller.


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