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JORMA DESIGN, Sweden's fever line manufacturer, has an important position in the minds of AV enthusiasts. Its popularity is very high. JORMA DESIGN is an internal wiring brand for many top European and American equipment. In Europe, JORMA DESIGN is also a very famous high-grade wire. Take JORMA's flagship signal line and speaker cable series "JORMA PRIME Cable" as an example, it can bring a higher level of sound enjoyment to audio and video enthusiasts.

"JORMA PRIME Cable" as the brand's top flagship series, including the speaker cable, RVA interface signal line, balanced interface signal line and so on. This series uses the most advanced materials and technologies, including the core of high-purity 8N pure copper wire, woven on a very fine ceramic glass fiber in a special twisted manner. The shielding layer adopts tin-plated copper high-density wire mesh, which can truly and effectively eliminate 98% of (RFI) high-frequency interference and (EMI) electromagnetic field interference, and because the shielded wire mesh is woven in a three-dimensional manner, it can better withstand part of the shockproof. effect. The line body uses a polytetrafluoroethylene tube for aerospace equipment and is covered with a special synthetic fiber-insulated braided mesh cover. The combined insulation material achieves a withstand voltage of 6,000 V, and the toughness and rigidity of the wire body are also outstanding. It is said that it can take the ability to pull a car without damage and achieve better protection and durability. The interface is also high-purity copper plated 24K gold. The "JORMA PRIME Cable" is the biggest selling point for JORMA's exclusive "school box". Although JORMA did not disclose the specific technology used for reasons of confidentiality, the statement does guarantee good sound transmission.

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